Wrongful Denial of Accident Claim

Posted by Al WelshansMar 14, 20240 Comments

Accidental death policies are like life insurance policies.  They pay the face value to beneficiaries when the named insured dies by an accident.  Some life insurance policies also include a double indemnity provision which doubles the payout to beneficiaries where the named insured dies by accident. 

What if the insurer denies the beneficiary's claim because it was caused by an intentional act?   You need to know that in Mississippi an accident can be an intentional act by a third party. 

 We had this arise where a storeowner was shot and killed in a robbery.  The death was caused by the intentional act of the robber, but the storeowner was just an innocent bystander to the robbery.  We represented the widow.  The insurer eventually settled the case at trial by paying almost fifty (50) times the face value of the policy.

 Don't give up just because the insurer tells you there is no coverage.  Have a knowledgeable attorney review the policy and reason for denial.