Local government law, sometimes referred to as municipal law is the practice of law specific to the functions of political subdivisions of the state, such as counties, cities, towns, or other local governmental entities. These political subdivisions derive their authority from the powers granted them by their state legislature and are governed by bodies comprised of elected and/or appointed officials responsible for directing the affairs of their political subdivision through the promulgation of laws, policies, and regulations.     

Representation of local government entities covers a broad range of legal matters arising from employment and labor relations, zoning and land use matters, economic development, public bidding and contracting, open meetings, public records requests, civil rights and tort litigation and elections. Our attorneys assist local governing entities and their officials with these matters. This includes providing daily guidance to elected officials, boards and committees, as well as serving as legal advocates before various courts and administrative agencies. Some of our practice specialties include:

  • Ordinance drafting and enforcement
  • Zoning and land use 
  • Annexation defense and detachment representation
  • First Amendment questions and privacy issues
  • General litigation and Appeals
  • Employment law related to governmental bodies 
  • Right of way acquisitions, including acquisitions subject to state and federal uniform real property acquisition laws and regulations
  • Mississippi public records requests and open meetings concerns

Our firm has extensive experience representing multiple clients in nearly every aspect of local government law.  We are proud members of Mississippi Association of County Board Attorneys and International Municipal Lawyers Association.