Clay County: Yokohama Blvd.

As part of an agreement between the State of Mississippi and Yokohama Tire Company to locate a major tire production plant near West Point, Mississippi, Clay County agreed to build a new access road between the plant and Highway 45.  Construction of the new Yokohama Blvd., required the County to take 19.615 acres from a 225 acre farm owned by Smith Phillips' clients.  While the past and current use of the property was agricultural, it had significant potential for industrial development.  An active rail line ran along the eastern boundary of the property.   A large TVA power substation was located adjacent to the property on the south.  The property had significant road frontage along it's north and west boundaries in addition to existing water and natural gas service.  After hearing all the proof, a Clay County Jury awarded a verdict of $338,692.03, an increase of $213,890 over the County's offer of $124,802.69.

Offer: $124,802.69

Result: $338,692.03