Posted by Anthony NowakMar 05, 20200 Comments

The 2020 census process has begun! Conducted just once every ten years, the census results are incredibly important to communities. First, the census data will determine the Congressional seats for states and the drawing of Congressional boundaries. Second, the census results drive the allocation of federal resources including the funding of many federally funded programs.

The census data will affect your everyday lives.  Hundreds of billions of dollars are allocated in federal funds and grants and support to states, counties and communities based on the population totals and statistical breakdown of statistical factors such as age, race and gender. This will impact future road and infrastructure improvements, health and human service programs and even school lunch programs, to name a few ways you may be affected. Your responses to the census questions are important and they are confidential.

Much of the work depends upon volunteers. The U.S. Census Bureau has started the process of recruiting hundreds of thousands of people nationwide in a range of temporary jobs. Here in DeSoto County, the Census Bureau is planning to hire more than 250 temporary workers. 

More information on the census generally, and the hiring efforts, can be found at  Information regarding local census employment recruitment can be found at