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  • Maintain good communication with your spouse and your children.
  • Talk to your children.  Reassure them that the divorce is not their fault and that even though things are changing you will always love them unconditionally.
  • Put your child's welfare first.
  • Never use your child as a weapon against your spouse.
  • Allow your children to spend ample time with both you and your spouse.
  • Continue to be flexible with visitation even after a visitation order is entered.  Visitation may need to change from time to time to accommodate a special activity, family member's birthday or other celebration, vacation or work demand.  Compromise with your spouse for the benefit of your children.
  • A divorce can be very stressful.  Do not take your stress out on your children.
  • When your children are with you, spend quality time with them.
  • Make the time you spend with you and your children about them, not about your spouse. Do not quiz your children for information about your spouse and do not use your children as spies to report on your spouse.
  • Avoid arguments and confrontations with your spouse when the children are present, this includes at pick up and drop off times.
  • Do not criticize or demean your spouse in front of your children and do not allow someone else to do so either.
  • Do not listen in on your children's telephone calls with the other parent.
  • Do not interfere with your children's emails and social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with the other parent.
  • Do not say anything to others that you would not want your spouse or the judge to hear.
  • Do not use social networking to discuss your situation or bash your spouse.
  • Be extremely careful about what you post on social networking sites.  Anything that is posted can be used against you during your divorce action and during any future modification action.
  • Be extremely careful about what your friends post about you and pictures you are tagged in on social networking sites.  Again, anything that is posted can be used against you during your divorce action and during any future modification action.
  • Make copies of financial records or other possible evidence for you to take to your attorney.
  • Do not throw away or destroy financial records or other possible evidence.
  • Do not try to hide or transfer evidence or assets.
  • Do not go on a spending spree.  This can be viewed as a dissipation of assets.
  • Your financial situation will most likely change.  Develop a budget which is reasonable and stick with it.  If you need assistance with your financial affairs, speak with a financial planner.
  • Speak with your attorney before agreeing to a settlement.
  • Remember that just because a friend's or co-worker's divorce resulted a certain way does not mean that your divorce will result the same way.  Every case is different.
  • Maintain your composure, poise and good sense of humor.
  • Remember it is normal to experience denial, anger, guilt and/or depression.  If you need assistance dealing with these emotions, speak with a counselor.
  • Be informed.  Know your rights and what you are entitled to under the law.
  • Keep your perspective.  Understand how the decisions your make during your divorce will impact your short term and long term future.
  • Be rational.

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